Pumpkin Patch Party to the Rescue

In Which I Lament the Pumpkin Woes of Northern Living

So if you use MGT, I'm sure, like me, you don't get to everything in the box each month. It's the friday before Halloween and I think 'We should carve pumpkins today.' I am brilliant! This is a fun thing to do before Halloween and our last day in daycare. Does the city of Dawson Creek, BC CANADA cooperate with me... NO! I remember that Walmart's final discounted pumpkin lot looked mushy so I beeline it over to No Frills Grocery store...no pumpkins. I then proceed to Safeway cause Safeway, beautiful expensive luxurious Safeway ALWAYS has what I need. I get to Safeway latte in hand. Yes, things are looking up! Only the produce department seems devoid of pumpkins. I approach the nearest produce worker, 'Excuse me. Do you have any pumpkins?'
'No, I'm sorry mam but our produce shipment didn't arrive. I know that Co-op Grocery is out too. I've checked and there are no pumpkins left in town.'
Okay... I know I live in the frigid north but it isn't exactly the North Pole. Oddly their isn't even snow left sticking on the ground yet. An unusual occurrence for Halloween in city where parents veto costumes based on their thermal value and costumes with built in snow pants (elephant, astronaut, giant marshmallow) are a hot commodity...ok, so,  maybe it is a little North Pole-...ish... but we're talking a city over 10,000 and not a pumpkin in sight. I mean we can get a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks but not a pumpkin! I mean I SHOULD have taken them to the pumpkin patch but the farmers all pulled their pumpkins out by the end of September because it is the frigid north and they will turn to pumpkin soup if left in the field...But, like my tardy pumpkin purchase attempt, I seem to have missed the boat... No pumpkins... I hang my head. With a personality like mine. I am devastated. How do I move on? How to bounce back and save Halloween.

I get home and dig through my In the Orchard box from Mother Goose Time hoping my MGT fairy god mother will jump out with pumpkins and find my 'Pumpkin Patch Party.' I am SAVED!

So... we didn't get to carve pumpkins. But we did get to pin the patch on a scare crow and make these cute paper bag jack-o-lanterns. (Side note, I am thankful cause this is way less messy.)

Thank you Mother Goose Time

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