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Roads and Overcoming Motor Skill Obstacles

Building a Road  How Friendship Support is so important So we are into transportation this month. We spent a solid hour building our own roads. The kids were eager to create. I witnessed a few special moments while doing this activity. About half way through my left handed daughter became exhausted with cutting and what she deemed to be cutting failures. She went to a place she rarely goes anymore... she shut down. A year ago this happened more frequently but more recently she seems to have developed the will to engage and lift herself out of the 'depths of despair', as Ann of Green Gables would say. It was during this moment that her best friend decided to support her. I had already said everything I could to make her feel better or offer her help. It took her peer's support with words like 'I have a hard time with that too, MyĆ«lle, You are doing a great job, It's also hard for me!' to cause her to pick up the scissors and try again. These moments can only ha…

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